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How Crowdspottr works?

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    Download CrowdSpottr for iPhone Download CrowdSpottr for Android

    or try our mobile web app

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    with your Facebook & Foursquare accounts

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    explore events + see checkins + find friends


  • Explore upcoming events of your Facebook friends
  • Find popular events with your buddies involved
  • Use the Calendar to plan ahead easily
  • Bookmark events you’re interested in
  • Manage your RSVP directly from the application
  • Find places where your friends hang out
  • Discover the favorite places of your friends near you
  • Follow the checkins of your Facebook and Foursquare friends
  • Connect your Foursquare account and find popular places near you
  • Overview your friends checkin activity on a map
  • Grant special attention to friends to have a close eye on what they're doing
  • Hide those you’re not interested in
  • See your most active buddies
Feature Comparison Chart
mobile app
mobile app
Events by popularity
Friends by real life activity
4 supercute birds in the logo
Friend stalking
Orange as main color
Event calendar
Boy/girl ratio tracking
Event filter
Event bookmark
I am stranger here feature
coming soon
Made in Hungary
AppName starts w/ F
Moquu's best friend Moquu

About us

Crowdspottr is developed by a small international team of young geek talents who joined their forces in an exciting 4 week-long digital product development event, in the heart of Europe, Hungary.

The event is called Pangalaktik App Camp:us and organized by one of Central Europe's funkiest digital agency, Carnation Group.

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